Terms and Conditions


  1. This contract cannot be altered or changed unless agreed to in writing by both parties.
  2. Security Deposit: A refundable $500 security deposit plus 50% of total booking fee (non-refundable) is due via check upon signature of contract to ensure venue availability. 
    1. Check must clear before contract is valid.
    2. Payment via credit card will be subject to a 5% surcharge. 
    3. Remaining balance is due two weeks prior to event date.
    4. Delayed payment will lead to forfeiture of your event date.
    5. If cancellation occurs 6 months prior to event, a refund of the booking fee minus $500 security deposit will be made to you within 30 days. No refund will be made within 6 months of event.
  3. It is expressly understood and agreed by and between the parties that Henson, LLC and Valle Crucis Vineyard shall not be liable in any manner and shall be held harmless for any injuries or damages caused to persons, property, materials, stock or other articles whatsoever while said persons, things or articles are in, under or about said property.
  4. Checkout time is by 12 pm. All decorations, furniture, equipment etc. must be removed by that time.
  5. Facility shall be left as it was received with floors swept. If you use or move things around, please put things back exactly as you found them.
  6. No items including dishware, furniture, etc. may be taken out of the house.
  7. Do not burn barn wood or any other wood located on the property. Please provide your own firewood.  Bonfires shall be lit in designated fire pits only.
  8. Leave all garbage in plastic bags in cans located behind the barn.
  9. There is no smoking inside or within twenty feet of any structure. Smoking is allowed ONLY in the designated area behind the barn. Cigarette butts must be disposed of in the smoking receptacle. You will be held personally responsible for the clean-up of cigarette butts. Guests who fail to follow our smoking policies will be removed from the premises and charged a $50 clean-up fee.
  10. Pets are allowed on the premises but NOT inside the house.  Failure to comply may result in additional cleaning fees.
  11. An authorized contact should be at the site to accept and instruct any delivery or setup of equipment. Responsibility for rental furniture, equipment and decorations remains with the client from the start of the event to the termination of this contract or time of equipment return.
  12. Parking is in designated areas only.  Failure to comply may result in additional charges.
  13. Policies concerning decorations are as follows:
    1. You may use string, twine, floral wire or tacks to attach or hang items.
    2. No nails, screws, staples or other damaging fasteners are permitted. Existing nails and hangers may be used for your convenience. Unauthorized fasteners will be removed by the management and will result in an additional surcharge of $50.
    3. All lit candles must be in hurricanes or votives.
  14. No confetti or man-made products may be thrown or scattered.  It is acceptable to use perishable items such as bird seed, rose petals, rice, bubbles, etc.
  15. All alcohol served is subject to all ABC rules and regulations. It is recommended that the client provide liability insurance and liquor liability coverage for the event if alcohol is being served/ provided by the client to their guests. Henson, LLC and Valle Crucis Vineyard carries its own general liability policy.
  16. If the client and/or any guests do not immediately comply with the decision of Henson, LLC and Valle Crucis Vineyard regarding enforcement of any event policies, they will be subject to removal from the property by the Watauga County Sheriff’s Department.
  17. Henson, LLC and Valle Crucis Vineyard cannot be held responsible for weather related inconvenience or power interruptions.